Photo by israel palacio 

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing how students buy into a lesson that you were really looking forward to and felt excited to share with them.

As you might have seen I prepared a lesson to celebrate Dia de los Muertos where students brought together three important AP language topics: communities, heroes and celebrations.
(You can see that lesson HERE). There´s nothing more powerful in education than connecting ideas and topics.

When we isolate topics in the L2 class, we are at the same time isolating units, and when our units are isolated we are not helping our students to see the whole picture. All of our units need some kind of connectors and this is even more true when we are teaching languages. I have found that the best connector is always the cultural aspect.

In this video you will see how my student Will was able to connect his personal heroe, which at the same time is a reflection of what his community things how real heroes look like, to the essence of Dia de los Muertos, an opportunity to celebrate life.

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