El Día de los muertos y tres temas AP


AP units are better understood and make more sense when they are connected and intertwined.  El Dia de los muertos is a celebration that can be seen from many different perspectives. These perspectives happen to also be some of the topics suggested by the AP Spanish language curriculum:

La belleza y la estética: ¿Cómo se establecen los ideales de belleza?

La vida contemporánea: ¿Cómo influyen lo productos culturales, las prácticas y las perspectivas de la gente?

Identidades personales y públicas: ¿Cuáles son las cualidades que convierten a una persona en héroe?

Strategies and activities:

1- Have students get informed about the meaning of Día de los Muertos.

2- Students make a venn diagram comparing Día de los Muertos with Halloween

3- Have students research the definition of a hero: discuss in class

4- Discuss with students about the stereotypical image of a hero


1- After finding out what a real hero is, ask your students if they can think about someone in their immediate circle who have passed away and that they can consider a hero in their lives.

2- Students find a picture of the person they consider a hero to themselves or their family.

3- Students can write a persuasive essay where they explain to the class why their chosen person is a hero.  Ask them to support their ideas with what they have learned about what a hero is.

4- Students can put together a 2 or 3 minutes presentation where they introduce their personal hero and compare it with either a fictional hero, or a person who made a difference in the hispanic world.


To close this lesson dedicate the following class to talk about how celebrating those personal heroes who are not anymore with us can impact us in many ways.

1- We bring them to live, we share their story and somehow they are born again.

2- We realize how their legacy and their departure have inspired us to be a better person.

3- Now compare again Dia de los Muertos and Halloween as a class.

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