Photo by Siora Photography 

The easiest way to play this game is by using the website Letter Dice and project it on the board so students can see the random letters they need to work with.  

The goal of this game is to make as many words from the letters that are randomly chosen by the Letter Dice program.  

Students will work on groups of two or three.  Each group needs a sheet of paper and a writing utensil.  The teacher rolls anything from 8 to 12 letters. Give them 5 minutes to make as many words they can using the random selected letters.  The teacher must decide id repeating consonants or vowels, or both is permitted or not. I would allow this for lower levels.  

Once  time is up, students stop writing and then the teacher chooses a group to read their words.  If another group has any of the words made by the first group, these words will cancel for every group who has them.  Then a second group will read theirs and so on.   

The score will depend on the number of letters used in each unique word (words that other groups do not have), then totals are added.  For example, if one of the unique words is ¨mesa¨ that word will be 4 points worth. Teacher can decide if repeated consonants or vowels in the same word will count.

Variation 1:

The teacher decides if the word should be based on a specific kind of words or on a specific topic/topics.

Variation 2:

For higher levels I ask each group to come up with a story where they use those words their team ended up with.  If one of the teams ended up without words because other teams had them, they can work with other team´s words to create the story.


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