Resolutions of a World Language teacher for 2023  #1

Many of us start the new year by asking our students to reflect on the past year and to think about some resolutions they have for the new year. Our intention is good and we know that it is important for young people to take perspective of what has been done and what needs to be done. Although we don’t do it so formally, teachers are always analyzing the way we teach, we are constantly planning more interesting, fun and effective approaches. This is what we do throughout the school year whenever we plan our classes.

Today I want to share with you some of my more general resolutions for 2023. Those resolutions are not only reflections on what I would like, but also a reflection of what I have learned as a foreign language teacher over many years. For the teacher there is no better way to learn than to learn from their own experiences and those of their colleagues as well.

My professional goals for 2023

#1 Planning

We believe that the main and most important element of lesson planning is the curriculum and this is a serious mistake because although the curriculum will always be present in one way or another, it does not guarantee the success and effectiveness of our classes. It is a mistake to think that the success of our classes is in the curriculum that we have decided to adapt.

My first resolution is to plan my classes with two things in mind: my students and myself as a human being and as a teacher. Each one of us work in a unique environment, determined by the personality and experiences of our students. That is why when planning my lessons I must always take into account how they will react to each of the activities I have in mind. We usually plan with the image of an ideal class in our minds and this is unfortunately not part of the reality for most of us. We must plan for imperfect classes, for classes where the curriculum is not an imposition, but where the curriculum is built from each classroom interaction.

Nor can we forget who we are as people and as professionals. Most successful classes happen because the teacher puts in a lot of effort. During planning it is important to think about ourselves. How are we going to feel about the planned activities? Am I including them just because they are part of the curriculum? What will my personal touch be? Our must precious skill as teachers should be to be able to visualize ourselves teaching the next session. Let’s not forget that a language class is precisely that, a moment in which we must look for the best and most motivating excuses to use the second language, and nothing is better than sharing our own experiences and visions with our students.

This is my first resolution as a World Language teacher for 2023. In the following days I will be sharing more resolutions. Thanks for reading and I wish you a fantastic 2023!

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