For an exciting and educational World Cup experience in Spanish class

We are already beginning the second week of the most important sporting event in the world, the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup. Although it is true that the Super Bowl is popular in the United States, it does not compare to the magnitude or popularity of the world cup. Just to mention one aspect, we can refer to the number of viewers who watch the super bowl compared to those who watch the final game of the world cup. In the year 2021, 140 million viewers watched the Super Bowl game, while 517 million watched the soccer World Cup final match.

It is not a surprise then that many of our students are very interested in the World Cup. For this reason, and also because of the great popularity of this sport in the Hispanic world, it is worth spending a few minutes in class to see what is happening in this event that is currently taking place in Qatar.

World Cup mini daily lesson plan


To use the names in Spanish of those countries participating in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

To use soccer related vocabulary, especially those words use to talk about scores.


First session: about 30 min

Second and subsequent sessions: about 5 minutes


World Cup bracket:

World Cup goals in video HERE

World Cup scores HERE


-Provide each student with the Qatar’s World Cup bracket

-In the first session allow them to see the video of all goals scored so far while they start completing their brackets. Make sure you tell them in Spanish who played and the scores. You can also talk about uniforms, intensity of the game, spectators, stadium, etc.

-In the second and subsequent sessions show them the latest scoring videos and/or share the scores document with them so they can update their brackets. You can still talk about different aspects of the event.

-Allow students to make predictions regarding what teams will qualify for the second round, semifinals and finals. Use this document for that.

*If you want to watch the games in Spanish you can do it via TELEMUNDO a channel you can get through many cable and stream services.  

I Hope that you and your students have a lot of fun following the

2022 Qatar World Cup!

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    I love the idea of use the world cup for our Classes. I teach English in Mexico but hard to say but my English isn’t perfect . Do you teach English for English teachers in Spanish countries? I am looking for help!


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