Dear collegues and friends. Hope you had a wonderful week, good thing we are heading into a long Memorial Day weekend.

While trying to come up with fun and engaging virtual activities, I ended up adapting one that we do when we are face to face in the classroom. The activity is the famous Two Trues and a Lie but a couple of slights variations.

1- Google docs: I created a google doc that I shared with the class. They had editing rights so each student was able to access it and write.

2- Google Classroom: I posted the document is Google Classroom for easy and quick access. If you do not use GC, you can very well share the link in the Zoom chat, so they can access it from there. Make sure to set it up for any one to access and edit with the link.

3- Quick activity: I didn´t have much time so I decided to ask them to just write one truth and one lie. Then each kid will rad all of them and will mark with an asterisk the sentence they thought was a lie.

4- Great and quick feedback: Something that I loved doing this virtually and synchonously is that I was able to see everything my students were writing, so I could give them immediate feedback and they will correct on the spot. This is impossible to do in non virtual instruction as I would have to wait to give them feedback only after I collect the papers.

Here is a short video of the activity:

Hope you all enjoyed this quick, simple and silly activity. I do believe that while we provide quick and fun grammar in our instruction we also must provide fun activities to put it in context. As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Kind comments are encouraged. Be in touch! diego@srojeda.com


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