Photo by Hannah Tasker 

This is a very fun game that allows you to keep the class in the TL for a while.
A student is asked to leave the class for a minute, meanwhile the class thinks of a verb with which the game will be played.

The student is asked to return to the class and he or she begins to ask questions in order to try to guess the verb the class has chosen. When asking the class the student must use the verb “to goof” but translated in a playful way to the L2. For example, in my class I ask the student to use the verb “gufear”, which is a mix between the english word and a spanish verb termination.

The student who needs to guess the verb gets in front of the class and starts asking questions using “to goof” in L2. For example: Can you goof at school? ¿Puedes gufear en la escuela? Can you goof in the afternoon? Can you goof with your friends? and so on. The teacher will decide what kind of answers the class is allowed to give. Perhaps only “yes-no” perhaps one or two words answers such as “sometimes” “last night” “never”, etc. The guessing student will have three opportunities to guess the verb. Let me know how it goes!

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