Photo by Hannah Wright

I have started a series of interviews with former students to ask them for feedback and advice for the Spanish classes I teach at Louisville Collegiate School, in Louisville, KY.  This first group of students are all freshman in College during the fall semester of 2019. I will be interviewing a second group of students who graduated three to five years ago and to a group that graduated over ten years ago.  I think it’s interesting to hear what they have to say. We always sign up for professional development seeking to improve our craft but sometimes the answers are right in front of us. Thank you for listening to my former students and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for free PD.

Today we are learning from Thomas how important is for us teachers to create a positive class environment in order to be able to grow as a language learner.  

For Thomas thinks it´s key for teachers to presented the L2 in a  way in which students can relate to them. Thomas believes that is not possible to love a second language if the class only focuses in the form and grammar.  For Thomas the relationship between the L2 and the L2 student must be intimate in order to achieve acquisition.

Here is the interview withThomas, please skip to 2 min and 30 secs. I´m still learning how to use ZOOM

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