Photo by Brendan Church 

ISACS Annual Conference

Louisville, KY


So many teachers wanting to do CI.  So many debating if they should change their mostly grammar based instruction for something more communicative.  So many teachers not wanting to even consider a change in their instruction. 

What many see as a problem is only a great opportunity to grow as language teachers.  CI is not something that appeared from nothing. Whether is a method, a philosophy or a collection of activities, to me CI is just the normal progression in the second language acquisition field.  

While in this presentation I share what Comprehensible Input looks like, I also try to demonstrate how second language teachers must find balance between all those things they bring to the class and their student expectations. We all know that students show a great variety of proficiency levels at every point in their language learning path.  We all know that not because a student reached the advanced levels, that means that they can actually communicate in the L2. We also know that not all the students learn at the same rate.}

CI is not the magical wound that will fix all our challenges in the classroom.  We must get to know really well the context in which we teach in order for real and meaningful communication to happen.  We can’t expect great results by copying what someone else is doing miles apart from your classroom and community.

This presentation as all of my presentations are solely based on my experience of over 32 years teaching language at different levels of instruction, varied contexts and with very positive results.  See my YouTube channel for some real life examples or current and former students.

Please keep in mind that I´m not a researcher, I am and have always been a classroom teacher.  I talk about what I experience every day in my instruction. 

@Copyright Diego Ojeda,  this material is intended for educational purposes and it’s free.  It is prohibited to profit from it in any way. For questions contact Diego Ojeda @

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