How to make your students speak in the TL

In this very popular webinar I present a step by step process on how to encourage our students to speak in the target language.

I start by framing the topic within the acquisition process, then I share some strategies to take into account when we are trying to get some oral output from our students.  I also share my own students’ views on what kind of activities and environment helps them feel comfortable speaking in the TL. 

I finish the webinar presenting some “classic” but important speaking activities, explaining how I use them in my instruction.  In the last part of the webinar I share some “out of the box” speaking activities that students enjoy and that have been effective in my classes.

Here is the webinar:

Today I also wanted to share with you a little story.  For the last three years I have been presenting free webinars to my world language colleagues, sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish.  I have been doing this driven by my passion for collaboration and sharing with those who teach languages. Putting together webinars comes with a financial cost.  For example, I have to pay for a zoom subscription, for G-Suite yearly usage, flowdesk, and other expenses. 

These expenses have come out of my pocket until now as our friends of time2talk, a fantastic application to help our students engage in conversations with native speakers, have decided to sponsor my webinars.  Providing me with the necessary funds to keep me presenting for another year.  I have not heard before about any teacher being sponsored by a company just to keep offering professional development to other teachers so I´m very excited and grateful with the time2talk gals.

Please take a moment to learn more about time2talk and in the meantime take advantage of a 20% discount using the code ojeda20.  Click HERE to learn more and how.