The AP Spanish Literature Mentorship program

Greetings everyone. Today, I wanted to share that I have started my FREE AP Spanish Literature Mentorship program. I would like to invite you to join us if you wnat to hear and learn about different approaches to teach this class, and strategies to motivate students. We will meet via zoom at least twice a month, and I will be presenting different topics related to the class and curriculum.

I have been teaching this course for 10 years and I wanted to share my ideas and activities with those teaching this very challenging curriculum. This mentorship program is not connected with College Board and I´m not paid for it by any other organization.

I´m sharing the video for our first session with the hopes that you join the program. The other sessions will not be recorded.



  1. Buenas tardes,
    Me podría enviar el link para la próxima reunión en zoom, me encuentro en Texas.

    Muchas gracias.


  2. This is awesome.
    I would love to join your AP Literature Mentoring Program.

    I would like to register and learn new techniques and strategies. I’m a new teacher to AP lit.


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