Guía poética de Bogotá, a new CI poetry reader

Dear Spanish teachers, today I want to share with you my latest book: Guía poética de Bogotá. This is a book that fills me personally because I was born in Bogotá, Colombia many, many years ago.

In Guía poética de Bogotá you will find 25 poems that your students will not only enjoy, but will help them get to know the capital of Colombia, while learning to appreciate it.

Each poem speaks of a representative place in Bogotá and Colombian culture. There are poems dedicated to places and some typical foods. The poems are written in simple and understandable but still poetic Spanish.

Guía poética de Bogotá, will connect your students with my city, my culture and with the Spanish language. I recommend this book for students at the novice mid level and above. 

Each poem is accompanied by two activities and a QR code where you can find more information about your topic.

Enjoy two of the poems:

Museo Botero

Juan Amarillo, el humedal

You can order Guía poética de Bogotá through Amazon for individual copies HERE and through Bryce Hedstrom for classroom sets HERE.