Poesía gramatical, a new way to approach grammar.

It is with great pride that today I present to you my new and fourth book of Comprehensible Poetry for the Spanish class, Poesía gramatical. For several months I had been thinking about writing a book where the grammatical emphasis would help the poetic message. Each Poesía gramatical poem tells a story through a specific grammar theme. This is how some poems focus on the imperfect or the preterite to talk about love, as others focus on simple verbal conjugations to express different ways of seeing life.

Each poem in Poesía gramatical has its own vocabulary and a grammar note indicating general aspects of the grammar topic the poem focuses on. I hope you like this book as much as my previous Comprehensible Poetry books. This book will help your students see in a more contextualized way how grammar plays a fundamental role in the linguistic expression of the Spanish language.

Poesía gramatical it’s a book for levels 2 and up

I share here one of the poems of Poesía gramatical:

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Poesía gramatical is available at:

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