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Many AP teachers in the United States are in disbelief with College Board´s decisions regarding the Advanced Placement exams to be administered in May this year. First, they announced that students will be taking FULL exams, and yesterday we found out that the exams won´t be digital as our students will be given paper exams.

It doesn´t matter that we are almost a year into a pandemic and thousands of studnets have not had the chance to complete even 30% of AP curriculums, it doesn´t matter that those lucky ones able to prepare for the exam , have done it mainly on line, digitally. And now they will have to sit for 3 hrs and 30 min in a close room to take the exam.

Currently there are two petitions in need of lots of signatures. Please sign and promote among everyone you know. We must make our voice be heard and respected.

Please click HERE for No Full AP Exams petition

Please click HERE for Digital AP Exams option

I keep asking myself why is College Board so disconnected from reality? Who is making these decisions? Is it time to new alternatives? I invite you to watch my short video. As always kind comments are welcome.



  1. Hola Diego,

    Gracias por todos tus esfuerzos para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a tener éxito con estos exámenes de AP. Estoy confundida porque no he recibido el correo al que te referiste acerca de no haber un examen electrónico. El último correo que recibí ayer explicaba que sí van a ofrecerlo. ¿Es que los exámenes de lengua son la excepción a estos? Por vacíe si me lo puedes aclarar, te lo agradecería muchísimo.

    Saludos fuertes,



  2. I’m confused by this post. The CB sent out a message offering a digital option (and three potential administrations), albeit a full length exam.

    They are doing this because many colleges are refusing to offer credit unless the exams are full length. The colleges are really the driving force on exam length.

    My take is that the CB will just significantly change the AP curve. There is no doubt though that the inequities in education this year are gargantuan.

    Did I miss something?


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