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Dear AP Spanish Language and Culture colleagues. We all know how stressful is for both students and teachers to prepare well for the essay portion of the exam. In this webinar I explain the steps I take to make this a more manageable, kind and effective experience for my students.

I hope you find the webinar helpful. As always I´m open to any quiestions and/or kind comments. Please remember that this is only my experience and my practice that have resulted in good scores for my students.

Click HERE to find an Argumentative Essay organizer that I´m sharing with you for free. You will know how to use it after watching the webinar.

I have created more supporting resources to prepare the Argumentative Essay that you can find in my TpT store: Real Language Acqusition. Find this resource HERE.

I invite you to browse my AP and non AP related resources in my TpT store.

I´m sure you will find something helpful and fun for your classes. Click HERE to access the store


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