Profesora en tiempos de Coronavirus

Photo by Thomas Park 

Dear amigos! I´m very happy to start today a series of posts dedicated to highlight the work of one of the most liked and professional radio journalists in Colombia.

I would like to thank Javier Stamato who has agreed to share his radio stories with all of us, so we can use them in our instruction. These stories, besides being done by a professional with amazing diction and voice are also great cultural material for the Spanish Classroom.

Feel free to use this resource in your classes. Please know that Mr. Stamato has all the rights on these materials so nothing can be replicated or used for profit.

As always I welcome questions and/or kind comments.

Here is Javier´s first story: Profesora en tiempos de coronavirus.

Click HERE for the story´s script

Meet Javier Stamato

Colombian journalist Javier Stamato

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