Dear friends, I recently posted a poem in Spanish dedicated to Breonna Taylor.  The very next day, I got a Facebook direct message all the way from India asking for my permission to translate the poem into Bengali.  Off course I agreed.  Then, someone asked if I had the poem in French, so I contacted one of my translators who kindly and free of charge agreed to translate it.

Now I had three versions of the poem in three different languages, I thought that having it also read in French would be beneficial to French students so I asked my friend Tracy Rucker, who immediately agreed to record himself reading the poem.  I was about to publish the three versions when I realized that we didn’t [t have the poem translated into English, so I asked my friend Abdul in Spain to do it, his English translation is so beautiful.

It is really exciting to see so many people from some places in the world coming together to make Breonna’s poem available for so many more people.  Teacher are collaborators by nature and we are a strong force to be taken into account when we fight against injustice, and when we bring real and important issues to the classroom.

Thank you Mousumi Ghosh for translating the poem to Bengali, thank you Laura Ocaña for translating It to French, thank you Tracy Rucker for reading the poem in French, and thank you Abdul Rehman for your English translation.  You all are special, kind and warriors!

The original Spanish version:

The French version translated by Laura Ocaña

Tracy Rucker reads the French version:

The English version translated by Abdul Rehman

The Bengali version translated by Mousumi Ghosh