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Dear colleagues and friends. For this “wearing your cap backwards” reflection, I would like to bring up the topic of assessment in the World Language classroom. We are used to talk about formative vs summative assessments and we are quick to organize our lessons around these dicotomy.

Well, I´m here to share a different view. I believe that when we teach for acquisition, summative assessments are not needed in World Language instruction.

As always questions and kind comments are welcome. Here is this week´s video:

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  1. Coming to see your presentation at IWLA Conference in 2018 was honestly life-changing for me. It was the very first class I attended, and I switched into it at the last minute. I had been out of teaching for 10 years, and was coming in to a very different scenario when I left, and I was kind of not enjoying teaching.

    But listening to you talk about CI, and how great it has been for you, and for your students, I was so excited. I switched around every talk I was planning to attend just to see how CI worked. The testing was the KEY for me. How can we assess students if we aren’t “giving tests”?

    The way you explain it here is the way I came to understand it that day. My students loved it, I’m a MUCH happier teacher and I feel like my kids use much more authentic conversation. It’s been a LOVELY journey, and you were the beginning. !Mil gracias!


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