Dear colleagues and friends, I can’t let this day go by without wishing each one of you a very happy Dìa de Amor y Amistad. This is the colombian version of St. Valentine’s Day but celebrated during the month of September. On this day we celebrate mostly friends, family and those who have taken part of our hearts. Find HERE a short description of this day.

Teachers and students alike are experiencing hard times so why wait until February to celebrate friendship and love? Next week I will proclaim Semana del Amor y de la Amistad in all my classes. We will read poems from my book Corazòn sin Borrador like this one:

Besides reading poems we will also play virtual games like the following ones:

Friendship Virtual Bingo:

Use Bingo Baker to create a bingo with friendship related words.


Find a song like Màs que tu amigo, by Juanes, practice and sing Karaoke

Friendship Trivia:

Make a set of questions based on the topic of friendship.  Questions can be related to popular movies, books, tv shows or even school.

Friendship DJ:

Allow your students to share their favorite friendship related songs, no matter if they are not in the TL, remember that the goal here is to be aware of a cultural celebration in Colombia.

Friendship Pictionary:

Use THIS cool online whiteboard to play virtual pictionary

In celebration of Dìa de Amor y Amistad in my country Colombia, I will raffle 5 copies of my book Corazòn Sin Borrador among those of you who send me a nice Dìa de Amor y Amistad email to diego@srojeda.com



  1. En Argentina el día del amigo es el 20 de julio.

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