Greetings colegas y amigos. Today I´m sharing another comprehensible grammar lesson. This time I´m introducing for the first time the Past Perfect, better known as the dreaded Pluscuamperfecto.

I remember when I used to think that in order to start using a grammar stucture we had to carefully revise each aspect of it. I bought or made power points full of tables, colors, arrows and descontextualized examples. Some of my students would kind of get it while the rest of them were disengaged.

As I have always said, language teaching is not rocket science. We just need to make every lesson comprehensible and engaging. We just need to know how to organize everything according to the way our own students organize their thoughs.

Hope this lesson gives you ideas and lots of motivation. As always I welcome questions and kind comments.

Here is the lesson´s video:

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