A real audience for my AP Spanish Language students

As we all know, for students in the United States, learning Spanish is particularly important due to the growing population of Spanish speakers and the increasing importance of global communication. To celebrate Día del Maestro, the Colombian holiday dedicated to honoring teachers, my AP Spanish language class at Louisville Collegiate School, had the unique opportunity to be interviewed by Colombian radio celebrity Javier Stamato of RCN radio .

Stamato, who has a vast audience in Colombia, was eager to hear from American students about their experiences learning Spanish. In the interview, my studnets and Stamato discussed the importance of learning Spanish in the US and what it means to have a Colombian teacher as their Spanish teacher.

One of the main points highlighted was the importance of being able to communicate with Spanish speakers in the US and around the world. With over 41 million Spanish speakers in the US, it is clear that being bilingual in Spanish and English can greatly benefit job opportunities and communication with a broader range of people. Moreover, in an increasingly globalized world, being fluent in multiple languages is a valuable asset that can open up doors to new experiences and opportunities.

As a Spanish teacher, you can use this interview to inspire your students and show them that learning a foreign language is not only about acquiring a skill but also about expanding their horizons and connecting with people from different cultures. Hearing from other students about their experiences learning Spanish can also help your students feel more motivated and engaged in the classroom.

You can listen to the interview here:

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