Salida 8: The Entrance to Using a Comprehensible Novel

It is with great pleasure and pride that I present to you the first comprehensible reading for level 1 students where prose and poetry are combined to achieve an honest and interesting story.

Are you hankering to use comprehensible readers with your students, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Do you wish to introduce weightier topics so your students can become more aware about the world? Are you a fan of poetry, but have yet to find level-appropriate poems to use with your novice students?

In this webinar Jen Degenhardt and I discuss how to get the most from our co-written novel, Salida 8, and how we use it with our own students. This simple but profound story teaches about some of what immigrants endure on their quests to improve their families’ lives in their native countries.

You will be refreshed in the theory behind comprehensible input (CI), why reading for language acquisition is a win for everyone, the benefit of repetitive vocabulary and verb phrases, and how to encourage students to speak about challenging topics using level-appropriate vocabulary.

In this webinar we take you through a demonstration of the text and poem included in Chapter 1 of the book to provide you with concrete examples of how to use them in your classes.

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