The e-mail reply section in the AP Spanish exam: Student edition

Greetings colleagues! As you know, I am constantly presenting webinars and making materials to help teachers and students prepare for the AP Spanish Language exam. Today I want to share this short 18-minute presentation that I specially made for students to review the most important aspects and parts of the email reply section of the AP Spanish exam.

I hope this helps and I wish you best of luck on your exam. Remember that HERE you can find presentations for other sections of the exam made for students.

Email reply student edition:

You are all invited to visit my Teachable classroom where you will find courses for teachers with materials for each one of the sections in the advanced Spanish language exam.

Access my classroom HERE



  1. You are amazing! Your are beyond kind and generous to supply so many teachers with great ideas and samples! I wish I had known you when I was teaching AP Spanish Language. Thank you for your great work and your willingness to share your ideas with so many teachers. You are “profesor del año” in my book. Te saludo.


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