Celebrating love through poetry

Photo by Nick Fewings 

We live in difficult times, COVID-19, the faltering economy and world peace in danger fill the print and digital headlines. Valentine’s Day is here and we finally have a chance to talk about friendship and love in our classes. Let’s not miss this celebration to help our students remember that although the problems in life and in the world are real, love will always be the best long-term solution.

Language is life and life only makes sense as long as we can make sense of it through our relationships and our daily decisions. It is interesting to see how no matter how well you speak other languages, you will always return to your mother tongue when you need to express love. Poetry allows us to express our feelings, to deliver love.

Corazón sin borrador (Heart without an eraser) was the first book of comprehensible poetry that I wrote. It is also that book that connects me with my past, with my teenage days when I began to discover the true meaning of friendship and love.

Here is one of the poems in Corazón sin borrador:

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You can find Corazón sin borrador in different formats:

Digital edition for students more activities HERE

Kindle Spanish digital edition HERE

Printed edition in Spanish HERE

Bilingual printed edition, Spanish-English HERE

Printed edition in French HERE

Bilingual print edition, French-English HERE

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Let’s keep love alive in our language classes.