12 suspenseful stories your students will love

Again and again we hear that the world is no longer the same place since the pandemic arrived, it is true. But have we stopped to think about what this means for our young people? Beyond a radical change, for many young people the pandemic is simply THE reality. Perhaps for them the real change will happen when the world returns to what it used to be.

Today’s world offers multiple opportunities to write suspense stories. This is how Sonrisas ocultas was born. A book with 12 stories, all contextualized in school and in which most of them tell situations caused by having to wear face masks at all times.

I invite you to share Sonrisas ocultas with your students. I know they will like the stories because they talk about their current world, their experiences, their challenges, their feelings and their fears. My students really enjoyed Sonrisas ocultas and I know yours will do as well.

Sonrisas ocultas is written for intermediate level Spanish learners. I have taught Spanish as a second language at levels 3 and 4 in the United States for over 20 years. In addition to knowing these students’ very well, I also know exactly what words and language constructions they are able to understand and enjoy.

Again, I invite you to bring Sonrisas ocultas to your FVR libraries.

Here I share one of the stories in this book:


For the purchase of at least 5 copies of Sonrisas ocultas (with proof of purchase) I will give away the teacher’s guide with activities for students.

You can order Sonrisas ocultas from:

Bryce Hedstrom Books

Directly from me at diego@srojeda.com

CPLI Books (soon)