Empty classrooms

Dear friends in education. College Board recently announced that they will be administering FULL AP exams in May. In thier last Course Update email, dated Dec 18 (yes, right before break) College Board writes: “While colleges and universities were willing to accept abbreviated exams last year, this year they expect exam scores to reflect the full scope of AP coursework.

While this is somehow understandable, it also ignores what has been going on in the world since March 2020. The reality is that many students in the country have not been able to set foot in a classroom for almost a year! and while some schools have been able to keep teaching going, it´s very far from normal.

Asking students to be responsible for the full scope of an AP sourse work is as unfair as asking teachers to teach it in a way that is not rushed.

To me, this is more of an Equity issue. What is going to happen is that only those students who still have access to “normal” education during the pandemic will be the ones outscoring those who don´t. Are colleges by demanding a FULL exam trying to filter their new admitted? Shouldn´t College Board use their great connections with colleges in order to advoate for our students?

This is why I have created a petition thorugh

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