Dear World Language colleagues. About two months ago I got a very nice invitation to be part of an international and multilanguage on line event, The Global CRED. I was very honored with such an invitation because the event is put together by the folks at Global Seal of Biliteracy. If you do not know what the GSOB is, please make sure you get informed HERE.

One of the main road blocks for world language/foreign language/modern foreign language instruction is that students do not find much of our efforts real and/or relevant to their lives. This is why I wanted to touch on this topic and decided to prepare my Global CRED session on this issue. As always everything that I present or share comes directy from my own teaching experience. In this presentation I have also included some of my students testimonies.

We can be the funiest, most entertaining, smartest and techy teachers in the world but if students are not able to see how our class connects with THEIR reality and with their interests it would be very hard to motivate them to keep learning a second language for the rest of their lives.

Hope you enjoy my session. As always I welcome questions and kind comments. You can contact me at

Here is the presentation:

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