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Dear amigos!
Hope your week is going well.  I just wanted to invite eachone of you to join me in two important free professional development opportunities.

The first one is a webinar for AP Spanish Language and Culture teachers and is called: Getting the AP Spanish Argumentative Essay under control.  This webinar will be next Saturday, November 14th at 5:30 pm.  Please register HERE.
The second free PD opportunity is the most important 2020 global event for world language teachers and students.  Global CRED is a free international online virtual event for all language learners.  You can register HERE
I´m very excited to be part of these two events and I hope to see you there!
PS: Don´t forget to email me an “hola” once in a while at 

Please visit my TpT store: Real Language Acquisition if you would like to get more email reply practices like this one for the other AP Spanish Language and Culture units. Each resource comes with two compelling email replies that your students will love like mine did. Let´s make AP practice a bit fun.



  1. Buenas tardes, Diego!

    I am curious if you recorded your webinar about the AP argumentative essay and if so are you going to post on your blog?


    Liz Eiss

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