Greetings friends! Today I´m talking about listening in the WL classroom. More specifically, I´m talking about listening assessment. Do our listening assessments look the same as our formative activities? What is your main goal when assessing listening? Are you expecting your students to be able to understand a wide variety of accents and tones in the target language? I invite you to listen (no pun intended) to my reflection.

As always I´look forward to your kind coments. Please share this post with other colleagues you think would benefit from these WL teaching reflections. The videos are short, to the point and very real. Great to share during department meetings.

Here is the video:

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  1. Dios, mil gracias por tan excelente video. Totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dice. Usar recursos más reales del mundo aplicado la lengua castellana con diferentes acentos.


  2. Very timely! I was about to write a listening assessment tonight for my AP students. I have them mixed in with honors students and your advice makes a lot of sense!


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