One of my dreams is about the become reality in two weeks when I finally get to present a workshop with the talented, amazing and legendary Spanish teacher Sarah Breckley!

Sarah and I have have extensive experience teaching and presenting. Please check Sarah´s Blog HERE and her YouTube channel HERE. You can also take a peek at my YouTube channel HERE where you can prove that we both go beyond the theory.

Sarah and I put our teaching skills into practice with our students everyday resulting in great second language acqusition for them.

¡CI PARA TODOS! is a workshop full of energy, honesty, laugh and ideas. It is our goal to inspire every attending teacher to feel empowered and confident that they can bring the same kind of excitment to their classes.

Sarah Breckley and I will be presenting our very first ¡CI PARA TODOS! March 7th at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago, thanks to the invitation of Spanish techer Angela Burbano.

We hope to see many of you for an authentic CI day with us.

You can register HERE



  1. Hi Diego, are you able to video this at all for those of us who live outside the US or can’t make it on the day? I am in New Zealand and very new to teaching Spanish. This sounds like it would be very helpful! regards Rebeca


    1. Hi Rebeca. I’m not sure we can video tape this one but I will for sure keep you posted. Thank you for following from so far. I’m here to answer your questions.


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