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After reading a piece on what self esteem is and means I felt that while my students were really interested in this topic something was missing.  Sometimes we feel like we need to cover everything in the book when in reality efficient lessons are only those that allow our students to put themselves in the middle of the situation described in readings or videos.

Here is the lesson.


While using the TL students will learn more about their self esteem and about how they are perceived by peers.

Activities: (click on titles to open links)


-Students translate some keywords that are used in the survey.  

  -Students complete the survey via Kahoot

-While taking the survey in Kahoot, students give themselves a score from 1-4 points for each question and record the scores under each question in the provided sheet.   

*Scores for questions 1 to 5 go as follows: Totalmente de acuerdo (4 pts) De acuerdo (3 pts) En desacuerdo (2 pts) Totalmente en desacuerdo (1 pt).  

*Scores for questions 6 to 10 go as follows: Totalmente de acuerdo (1 pt) De acuerdo (2 pts) En desacuerdo (3 pts) Totalmente en desacuerdo (4 pts).

-Students total their scores.  I do not ask them to show me their totals.  Just let them know that a score of 30 plus means a high self esteem.


*Before the activity It’s important to ask students to be kind and respectful to each other.  

-Distribute the Yo Soy sheet.

-Each student writes their name 

-Organize chairs or desks in a circle

-Explain that the activity starts when you indicate that the paper must be passed to the student seated to their right.

-Once each student receives the paper they will write in Spanish at least one good thing about the person whose name is on the top of the paper.  There are three categories, they can choose one, two or complete the three of them. They can also choose to write two or three things for one category.

-Allow about two minutes and then indicate that after folding the paper through the dotted line, they need to pass the paper to the person seated to their right.  This will be repeated until each student gets back their own paper. 

-Each student will read his paper.

3- Extension:

-As HW or classwork ask the studnets to elaborate on this questions based on the feedback they got on the YO SOY form:

1- ¿Qué te sorprendió acerca de lo que los demás dijeron de ti?

2. ¿Qué no te sorprendió acerca de lo que los demás no dijeron de ti?

3- ¿Es importante saber lo que los demás opinan de nosotros? ¿Por qué?

-Discuss their findings at a later session

4- Canción SOY YO

To complete this activity go over the lyrics of the song Soy Yo.  Talk about the girls personality and connect with the topic of self esteem.

@Copyright Diego Ojeda,  this material is intended for educational purposes and it’s free.  It is prohibited to profit from it in any way or form. For questions contact Diego Ojeda @ diego@srojeda.com



  1. Hola,
    I am excited to use this lesson in my classroom next week. However, when I click on the Kahoot! link I am not directed to the survey. I have tried to find it but there are several entitled autoestima. Can you please tell me the name and creator of the survey? Gracias.


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