I have been working and researching on the topic of emotional intelligences and neuroeducation trying to find how can the field of World Language education can benefit from their findings and perspectives.  The more I teach a world language, the more I realize that second language acquisition is intrinsically connected to the class environment, to the type of interactions between all individuals in the class, in other words, to the type of community we as the teachers are capable of creating.

Each class is it´s own world, its own entity, a microcosm where each one has a place and a role.  I believe that educators should be facilitators of relationships. Language is life and you can give or take away lives just with the way you use your language skills. 

The following presentation was part of the 2019 World Language Summit, organized by Speaking Latino

Read HERE a summary of the chapter on community creation I wrote together with Tina Hargaden for her Stepping Stones Year One and Beyond book. 

I hope you enjoy my presentation and that it makes you reflect on the daily interactions with your students and with your present and future community.

You can also listen to an interview my students and I gave to the World Languages teaching podcast Inspired Proficiency conducted by Ashley Uyaguari. Listen to the interview HERE.

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