A thank YOU card

We usually ask our students to write thank you cards, letters and notes in the target language to community memebers, classmates or family members. The advanced placement course (AP) includes the important topic of self-esteem, and I thought that Thanksgiving is also an opportunity for our students to reflect on how neat and special they are.

Here is an activity that promotes gratefulness and positive self-esteem.

A Thank YOU card


Write a card for yourself thanking you for those things you have done and accomplished for yourself.


-By hand

-On computer

-Choose a font that reflects your personality

-Incorporate drawings

-Search and design an appropriate and fun envelope


1- Choose a greeting, think about the best way to address yourself.

2- Think of THREE specific things for which you are going to thank yourself.

3- For each “thank you” choose a gratitude word or expression from HERE

4- Write a complete sentence for each “thank you” and for each one explain in at least two complete sentences what it meant to you. You may have done something that although you did not like it, it left you a lesson, you can talk about that too.

5- Ask yourself three questions. Think about your present plans and future projects and share them.

6- To close the letter, think of a general way to thank again for everything you have done for yourself. 

7- Finish your letter to yourself in a proper way and in accordance with the way you have written it.

* Never write a sarcastic or derogatory thank you note.

Adapted from How to write a letter

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