The topic of drug trafficking is complex and difficult, especially when you are like me, from Colombia.  I remember getting very upset, offended and defensive when during my first years in this country and after finding out where I was from, people immediately brought up the issues of drugs, the Medellín cartel and off course, the name of one of the most cruel criminals ever, Pablo Escobar .

Pablo Escobar has been dead for more than 25 years, the main and more organized cartels have disappeared and Colombia´s society has learned from all the pain inflicted in them by this extinct criminal organization. 

In El Último Viaje, renown and talented writer, teacher and presenter, AC Quintero is able to combine fiction and reality in a masterful way.  It is not a secret that thanks to Netflix and it’s famous Narcos series, our students know and are very interested in Pablo Escobar´s figure.  This is exactly why I celebrate a book like El Último Viaje because is a reading capable of giving the whole picture while being compelling and easy to read.

El Último Viaje is full of real places, names and events.  this book helps our students understand the difficult situation of Colombian society during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The drug cartels decided to take their war against the government to the regular population through terrorist and cruel attacks. El Último Viaje makes justice to a society that was able to survive this violence.

As a Colombian and as a Spanish teacher in the US, I´m grateful to Quintero because in her book she brings balance and justice to Colombia´s current society by showing through the story that Medellín is now a safe place. A city where the textile, tech and flower industries have helped not just reinvigorating their economy but also by giving hope to it´s people.


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