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One of the AP Spanish language topics is about heroes and historical characters. This under the big umbrella of Unit 6: Personal and Public Identities. To be honest it wasn’t until after a few years of working with this curriculum that I was able to understand the meaning and reasoning behind the proposed topics and subtopics. You shoulda seen my face the first time I opened an AP Spanish language textbook. The whole thing was written in Spanish and even though I’m a native speaker and I consider myself educated and academic, I had no idea where this scope and sequence was going to.

So I had to work with my own resources and tools to try to make sense of something I was supposed understand and teach to my students. That’s when instead of simply basing my approach on the suggested readings, I started thinking how those topics would relate to my real life, then I designed lessons in which I shared my own experience through the AP topics light.

I started to feel better with the curriculum and students seemed more engaged. AP exams results went up so everyone was happy. Soon I realized that something was missing and then I asked to myself if maybe including student stories would make any changes for the better.

In this video you will see an example of one of the mini presentations I referred to in a previous post. These mini presentations are meant to help students gain confidence when presenting about any topic. You can also see how I´m purposely bringing up the Heroes and Historical Characters AP topic. After these mini presentations we also talk about the concept of beauty helping my students connect real life and real feelings with their own personal ideas about what means to be a beautiful person.

Watch Sachin in action. Don´t you think that his grandfather is a beautiful person?

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