It’s really amazing what I can discover every time I interview one of my former students. Sometimes as teachers we think that we have all the possible perspective, but when we listen to those who have been out students, we realize that they have had the opportunity to see the our instruction with very different lenses. 

Today Rudy, let´s us see how important is for us, world language teachers to always keep in mind that the language we are teaching is loaded with strong cultural aspects given by centuries and that we cannot ignore. For Rudy, each language teacher must have a sense of ownership about what they teach because that ownership is the only thing that will allow them to convey, to share and communicate pride for the language they teach.

If we only focus on the language itself and ignore the vast cultural background we will only be teaching our students how to repeat empty words and meaningless messages. 

Here is my interview with Rudy.

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  1. ¡Impresionante!
    Me gusta lo que dice Rudy sobre las presentaciones y todo lo que ha aprendido de su clase. Le felicito profe Ojedo, y mucho éxito a sus ex-estudiantes en sus estudios universitatios y en sus careras.


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