What NOT to do during your first World Language Class.

Greetings to all! A new school year starts soon (already for some of you) and we immediately start thinking about our classes. Today I want to share with you a series of recommendations about those things that we should reconsider doing during our first class or week as language teachers. Although these recommendations could be good for any teacher, in this webinar I explain some things that make them important to consider in the world language class.

I hope everyone has a very good school year. Remember that on my YouTube channel, you can find more free webinars (don’t forget to subscribe HERE), as well as videos of my classes where you can get ideas for your own classes. For those interested in delving deeper into some topics, I recommend my courses on Teachable HERE.

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  1. Awesome, the not to do’s before and during firstday of school. This will be my 4th year teaching Spanish. I will work on not telling my Spanish 3 and 4AP students how difficult the classes are I would mention it every year and then I wonder🤔 why kids change schdule the first week. Thank you for the reminders to continue building relationships with our students.


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I so appreciate it as I gear up to teach again after a bit of a tough year last year for me!


  3. Great post! With a less-confined focus on topics in class, what does your curriculum map look like? I’m struggling with how to create consistency for our program with 12 different teachers.


  4. Great advice! The push I needed to have a first day about connection and language not rules and syllabi.


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