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Dear collegaues and friends. Hope you had a great week of school. Last week I talked about using Vocabulary Lists in our instruction. After more than 1,500 reads that blog entry is still very controversial. We humans like habits and we don´t like when someone suggests doing something different.

Today I wanted to talk to you about another controversial topic: Writing in the WL classroom. Please watch my video and let me know what you think. As always questions and kind comments are welcome. I might take a bit to answer but one of these days you´ll get a surprise in your email.

If after listening you still feel like you MUST ask your lower level students to write, then stay tuned next weekend for some low impact and comprehensible ways to do it.

Here is today´s “backwards cap” reflection of the week.

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  1. I taught my kids writing Spanish alongside English in Pre-K. Writing is a beautiful way to learn, but it has to be in combination with other senses using words that your students can connect with in the every day. I believe that we learn something when we see it, say it, hear it, and write it. We truly learn by engaging all our senses. We learn a second language by connecting it to a first language. When we learn a new word in Spanish, I do not say ‘this’ word in spanish means ‘that’ word in english. I say ‘this’ word is another way to say what ‘that’ word means in a different way. Each new language is another way to say the same thing in a different way. It is simply extending our vocabulary. It allows us to see language learning as a possible and attainable objective.


    1. While I agree it’s important to realize that the conditions you have described are quite different from those in the traditional classroom.


  2. Thank you so much for all that you share. It is very helpful. Feeling grateful! Regards, Ana


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