Photo by Gabriel Benois 

Dear all, hope your start of the new school year is going well. Yesterday I blogged about how can we make the second and third days fun. I presented how to work with a song.

Today was the second days of classes for me and here is the audio of an AP class whee we worked with a song they have never heard before in their lives. The song was actually also new to me as it was suggested by my amazing collegue and friend Carolina Gómez just last night when I was struggling to find fun music in Spanish related to the topic of families. So THANK YOU CARITO!

Here is the video of the song about the family (an AP topic)

You can find the Lyrics HERE

And HERE is the audio of my class getting introduced and starting to work with the song. My main goal was for them to be engaged and to start building awareness of how different cultures see families.

I hope you enjoy my teaching and my ideas. Please credit me if you will be sharing this with other colleagues. Let me know if you have any questions and/or kind comments.

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  1. Me encanta esta canción y tu manera de educar.
    ¡Mil Gracias Colombiano!


  2. Thank you for sharing, this was really great! I really love the tone you have set at the start of the year. Can you tell me how your students submitted the little prueba de escucha to you? Google form?


  3. !Gracias voy a usar el video con mi clase! Me gustaria compartir la letra con mis estudiantes


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