So yesterday, I blogged about the first day/week expectations. You can read that entry here. I explained how sometimes we complicate our lives planning for “the perfect” first class/week and the result is that we end up burning ourselves or boring our students.

One thing is the theory and something totally different is the practice. Everything looks wonderful on paper, we see amazing ideas in blogs, videos, social media, TpT, curriculums and much more but very seldomly we have the opportunity to really see all those ideas in practice. That’s why I have decided to show you how I did what I explained in my blog´s entry yesterday.

You will need at least 40 minutes as I recorded my whole first class with a section of Spanish 4 so you can have a good idea about each aspect of it. Even if you already started the school year, you can try this approach in your next class to make sure you are setting up an energetic and positive tone for the rest of the school year.

Class: Spanish IV (This is my first time with all these kids, they have never been my students and they do not know much about me.

Format: 40 minutes Zoom class.

# of students: 15

Listen to the class´audio HERE

HERE you can find the Kahoot I made for this lesson.

I also asked them to write in the chat some feedback regarding this first class. I allowed them to do it in Spanish or English, or both. This is what they wrote.  I copied and pasted from the original chat. (please remember that at this point we are not looking at their Spanish skills but at their enthusiasm after first class)

-I’m excited to get back to speaking Spanish and getting to know you and everyone else in the class.

-La clases es muy divertido. Yo busca a habla los discusiones a la clase

-tu es una persona comico. Para el clase de espanol yo quiero estudiar mas espanol

-Me gusta Kahoot y tu encanta por Futbol.

-Muy comíco. Me gusta.

-la clase fue muy buena y divertida. Quiero aprender mas espanol y hablar espanol mas bueno.

-stewart took mine. yo quise decir me gusta que tu esta muy energético.

-There was a lot of energy from you which made it interesting. I’m excited for the class this year to further my Spanish skills.

-Me gusta tu entusiasmo a la clase

-yo gusto el energy por el clase. quiero a habla español verdad y fluent mas.

-Hoy, clase fue muy divertido. Estoy looking forward to (no se que habla eso en español) importar mi español.

Yo espero que nosotros tenemos divertido y aprender mucho.

I hope you enjoyed thsi entry. Please let me know if you have any questions or kind comments. You can follow me on Twitter @DiegoOjeda66, Intagram @Sr_Ojeda and Facebook: Diego Ojeda.

I respectfully invite you to take a look at my most recently published book of CI poems for the Spanish class: Acuerdo natural.



  1. This is a great reminder! Thank you, Diego! I used to sing with my students every day in class. Once we went virtual last spring, we tried to sing but it was challenging due to feedback and the timing over the internet. How do you sing with your students when class is online?


  2. Mucho gusto por compartir! Me pongo muy nerviosa….26 años de enseñar, y no sé lo que hacer este año! Gracias a Ud.! Nicki Klein-Richter

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  3. Una preguntita, los chicos vieron algo sobre usted antes del zoom? Un póster o un slide o algo? Como para las preguntas de la banda favorita… tenían algo de donde deducir o simplemente adivinaron? Me encantó el audio!! Gracias!


  4. I just listened to your first day…great class! Are you willing to share your rubric that you spoke about during class? It sounded like a participation rubric. I have used/created several rubrics over the years and have never been satisfied with them. After 30 years of teaching we are switching from 40 minutes to 80 minute classes. Looking for new ideas. Love your energy!


    1. Hola Karen. I’ve been teaching for 32 and it makes me happy to know that there are many of us always willing to try new things .
      The rubric is an adaptation of Grant Boulanger’s rubric that you can find in Ben Slavic’s blog. I rather not share publicly as the idea is not originally mine . Have a great school year !


  5. You are amazing! I love the energy you bring to your class. Thanks for presenting a first class lesson that is not over complicated but shows your enthusiasm for teaching and getting to know your students. This will be my 2nd year teaching Spanish after teaching Italian for 20 years and I appreciated your posts.


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